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Soulita started in Providence, RI. It has built a significant following over time with its uniquely-owned elegant, minimalist and trend-spotting products. We formulate skincare products to embrace holistic self care that acts as a meditation to purify and restore the "whole person" while emphasizing the connections between the mind and the body. Under the philosophy of healthy skin will never go out of style, each product is generously formulated with patience and promise to thoroughly make you feel even more in-synced with yourself and your space. We seek to shift the landscape of skincare and the essence of self-care in the currents by sharing the Soulita experience.

Our mission is to inspire others to live in balance with nature. In a digital society detrimental to self-esteem, our vision for humans is to experience sublime natural beauty in their lifetime. Each product we hand-compose is mindful of the uniqueness of all humans on Earth while honoring and conserving the planet. We formulate an infusion of ingredients from the natural world with modern science. We trust the connection between mind, body, and soul. We believe in the power of holistic healing.

Soulita is a multifunctional lifestyle skincare brand that offers skin and body care from natural and healing botanical extracts that address the skin's concern.



Evan Delpeche

Following the interests of photography, art, and contemporary culture, it allowed him to fulfill ideas  and take action that has sparked dramatic growth in the brand. Founded his place in the skincare industry, he seeks to shift the landscape of skincare and the essence of self-care, while exercising under a personal philosophy of giving consumers more than what they pay for. With relentless perseverance, Evan allowed himself to transition the outlook of Soulita, and since then, he's been able define Soulita’s signature. He is now able to conceptualize Soulita as an extension of himself allowing everyone to remember how good a little self care feels while finding happiness in the smallest of things.

Evan Delpeche (Co-founder) 

Lexus Fernandez

Soulita was created when I needed natural solutions for my own skin. In May 2018 my life changed forever when I had a ruptured brain aneurysm. I lost my livelihood not being able to work and go back to college. When learning to speak, read and write English again I practiced with Aromatherapy and Herbalism books. Spending a prolonged time in the hospital can leave you with scars, bruises, and it can sensitize your skin. I used the herbal remedies I learned in those books to create vegan products that my skin needed desperately. Amongst building the foundation of Soulita, I met Evan. The more time we spent together the more we realize we could work together for something bigger than ourselves. In April 2020 we relaunched the website. 


I have gotten so much love and support from people and businesses in RI that believe in Soulita. Nationwide we have gotten recognized for the work we did together and our best-selling products. Empowering people with healing self-care products and showing them they can do ANYTHING even at their lowest is fulfilling my life purpose. 


I hope that with our products you will find your way to the importance of holistic self-care. I want you all to feel a layer of confidence after applying every product. Dedicating time to routines that not only make you feel good externally but internally too. Nothing feels better than being at peace with yourself physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.


Thank you so much for the support!


Con mucho amor, ​

Lexus R. S. Fernandez (Co-founder)

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