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Rhode Island native located in Johnston. Kaylee is a Small Business Owner, professional Dog Trainer, part-time writer and lover of all things creative! Passionate about nature, animals, drawing and skin care. Particularly fond of learning new, sustainable and nature-inspired ways to keep skin healthy and glowing.

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Born in Jamaica, raised in Rhode Island. Growing up I’ve always been a foodie and enjoyed trying other foods, so as I get older, I aspire to explore the world and experience different cultures. Aside from traveling, I have also grown a passion for learning about skincare so I can take care of my own skin, and soulita has given me the opportunity to do so. I’m adamant for treating myself and my body as best as I can, and so should you. In addition, I enjoy reading a good book and listening to music and crime podcasts whenever I get the chance to.


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Born in Guatemala, raised in Rhode Island. I am a singer, lyricist, poet, and part-time freelance writer. I enjoy everything and all things creative and look to support it in any way possible.

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Local Writer


Alana Perez (she/they) is an interdisciplinary creative from Providence, R.I. She is currently committed to poetry, but they do not limit themselves to that one form of creative expression. Alana’s work has been published multiple times, including their own self-published book, “hushed pulse.” Expect to see more of their writing in the coming years as they secure their M.F.A. degree in poetry.

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