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Rhode Island native located in Johnston. Kaylee is a Small Business Owner, professional Dog Trainer, part-time writer and lover of all things creative! Passionate about nature, animals, drawing and skin care. Particularly fond of learning new, sustainable and nature-inspired ways to keep skin healthy and glowing.

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Ruby, born in Rhode Island, has spent most of her life living between different places. Accustomed to traveling, her biggest move landed her in Europe to study Studio Art and different art therapy practices. Committed to introducing people to their own creative capacities, Ruby has a wide range of creative interests herself. Though her main medium is acrylic painting and drawing, she is also a poet and spends her free time upcycling clothing. Ruby believes purpose can be found in exploring one's creative potential and hopes to illuminate that with her work.

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Born in Guatemala, raised in Rhode Island. I am a singer, lyricist, poet, and part-time freelance writer. I enjoy everything and all things creative and look to support it in any way possible.

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    Alana Perez (she/they) is an interdisciplinary creative from Providence, R.I. She is currently committed to poetry, but they do not limit themselves to that one form of creative expression. Alana’s work has been published multiple times, including their own self-published book, “hushed pulse.” Expect to see more of their writing in the coming years as they secure their M.F.A. degree in poetry.

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    Taya's Californian upbringing has inspired her to be an advocate for slow living, clean skincare, and sustainable lifestyle. She is dedicated to educating others about the importance of keeping our planet healthy and works to make tomorrow better for everyone.