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Aloe Vera is Nature’s Number One Remedy: Plants & Skin Care Series

Updated: Dec 16, 2020

Many of us think of sunburns when we think of aloe vera. We think of the neon green, bubbly, gel that comes in a pump bottle that you keep in your fridge during the summer months. Aloe vera is an amazing plant with healing properties that far surpass only sunburn care. Healthline describes it as “a medicinal plant that’s been used to treat various health conditions for thousands of years.” I don’t know about you, but I want that kind of history backing up my natural remedies. What’s even cooler is the fact that this is a plant you can easily grow or care for in your own home, and all you need to do is slice open a leaf and you can apply it directly to your skin or hair!

The properties within aloe vera contain chemicals that literally eat away dead skin cells, and promote the growth of new, healthy ones.

Aloe Vera has a laundry list of health benefits. Starting with the medical--It can heal blisters, burns, cuts, psoriasis, and scrapes! It is also beneficial in treating acne, age spots, dry hair, dry skin, and wrinkles. For almost all of these issues, the plant’s gel can be applied directly to the skin or hair. No fuss; just all the beautiful healing properties from the plant, directly to you. The resource book 1,801 Home Remedies explains that aloe “contains chemicals that slough away dead skin cells and encourage the growth of new healthy ones.” That’s why this amazing, medicinal plant works for skin issues such as acne, age spots and psoriasis, and dry skin. The properties within aloe vera contain chemicals that literally eat away dead skin cells, and promote the growth of new, healthy ones. Aloe vera also contains properties that are anti-inflammatory, making it useful in the treatment of acne and other skin issues where symptoms like redness or swelling is involved.

For dry hair and dry skin, aloe serves as a natural moisturizer.

It can be used as a conditioner for your hair, or a deep moisturizer for your face. Aside from applying fresh aloe vera gel directly to affected parts of your skin, you can also check out some DIY recipes online for aloe vera hair and face masks to help with dry hair, dandruff, and dry skin. An article on FEMINA gives multiple great examples of hair masks for different issues. One of them combines aloe vera gel, honey and coconut oil for deep conditioning your hair and scalp. The MGBlifestyle blog gives five helpful examples of face masks utilizing aloe’s healing properties. For hydration and even skin tone, one recipe combines aloe vera gel and yogurt.

This plant is a healing powerhouse, and could be the answer to a lot of your skin ailments. Aloe vera plants are easily accessible to purchase online or at your local nursery. So what are you waiting for? I love that this incredible medicinal, natural remedy is also a cute plant that you can grow or tend to in your home. A house plant that can heal? That’s a hobby and a new addition to your skincare routine all in one.

What fact surprised you most about the aloe vera plant?

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