Anxiety Tips from an Anxious Person

Listen. I know we can’t all afford therapy. I know we don’t even all have access to it, or insurance. As someone who has struggled with an anxiety disorder all of my life, I would like to spread a little bit of the knowledge I’ve learned as an adult. Even if you can’t go to therapy, there are some tips I have learned to aid in living a happier life with anxiety. When I think of managing life with anxiety, I think about coping mechanisms and community. I understand that everyone is different, everyone’s mental health is different, and these are just some tools that I’ve learned along the way that I hope will help someone out there get through their days a little easier.


So when I talk about “community”; I mean a lot of things. When you struggle with anxious thoughts, I think it’s super important that you find a supportive community. In my mind this could be family members, trusted friends, or it could be something much broader. Music is a community, social media is a community. Not everyone has a physical person in their life that they feel comfortable talking to about anxiety. For me, music has been a huge influence on my mental health. Through music, you can learn that you’re not alone. Music has helped me cope with my anxiety in many different ways. Depending on what I need at any given moment, music can help me change my mood from scared and sad to happy; or it can help me come to terms with my emotions by listening to lyrics that mimic how I’m feeling inside.

"When you struggle with anxious thoughts, I think it’s super important that you find a supportive community."

Social media doesn’t necessarily have a good reputation, especially when it comes to talking about mental health, but I have found some really cool communities and resources for anxiety, especially on Instagram. Some pages that I adore (and have helped me many times) are: @dlcanxiety @doodledwellness and @theempoweredtherapist. These are only a few! There are some amazing, creative people on the internet doing a lot to help people cope with mental illness. I personally love having posts from these accounts pop up in my feed. Again, it confirms that you are not alone--and I can’t stress how important it is to feel validated! It is also inspiring and grounding.



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