Getting To Know Your Local Skin Care Specialist: Emily Ellinwood

How familiar are you with the term esthetician? Lucky for you, I was able to speak to a high school friend that has been in the skin care industry since 2016. Emily Ellinwood, a Cranston local and licensed skin esthetician, specializes in facials and has been running her own business as of 2018.

To put it in small words, an esthetician is a beautician that performs cosmetic skin treatments. Most of them specialize in certain services such as waxing, facials and/or body treatments. Thus, Emily’s line of work being facials.

Always being interested in the beauty industry, Ellinwood always loved doing her and her friends’ makeup and hair for high school formals and dances. Ellinwood said she thought she was doing it for fun, and didn’t know she’d wanna make a career of it. It wasn’t until she started getting acne that she started dedicating more time to care for her skin. Ellinwood used to suffer from severe cystic acne, and said she never received the proper guidance to take care of it.

“Nothing that I did really helped me,” said Ellinwood. “I went to dermatologists, and never got any help. They looked at me for two seconds, and I paid 50 bucks for them to look at me and give me products that weren't good and didn’t work.”