Monthly Creatives Highlight: HAUS PVD "WHERE Creativity Lives."

Updated: Feb 28, 2021

How well do you know your local creative scene? The thing about Rhode Island is that it doesn’t lack creativity, and it certainly doesn’t lack diversity. Our little state offers you music, art, and culture. Anything from painting, architecture, food, music, performing, film, etc. It’s basically our specialty, and HAUS lets you appreciate it through their visual storytelling.

HAUS is a multidisciplinary creative studio specializing in video production, photography, social media, and digital marketing. Founded five years ago by Austin Delin and Henry Kerstgens, HAUS is still run by the two content creators to this day. After working on several freelance projects in the past, Delin and Kerstgens said it just made sense to work together.

Austin Delin (on the left) and Henry Kerstgens (on the right)

The pair is fairly open-minded with the work they choose to create and promote. For them, video is the ideal medium to connect and reach out to their community. Although they’ve come to find a niche working with top artists from the Rhode Island scene, HAUS has also found a market in documentary filmmaking, branded content, and corporate video.

“We always strive to create something that feels like the client,” said Kerstgens. “The goal is to reinforce their brand. We want to amplify them, their mission, their values and their voice.”

“One huge piece of having impactful marketing is making sure your content is original or unique,” said Delin. “I think if you build a repertoire of work that is a cut above the rest or just a different style, you are ultimately going to portray their brand in a new light.”