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A Beginner's Toolbox: A Skincare Gadgets Series

So, you have your favorite products and your skincare routine is solid. However, do you think using your hands is the absolute best way to apply all your products? Do you ever wonder if there’s a way to go through your routine without dirtying your hands? Do you think your products are working to the best of their abilities? If you answered ‘yes’ to any of these questions then you should continue reading to find out how you could get in-depth answers. The ever-growing world of skincare products is changing, and the same can be said about the way people are applying it. Skincare tools aren’t exactly new concepts; these devices are starting to appear more frequently out of the hands of dermatologists and estheticians and into the hands of everyday people.

Cleansing Brushes

I remember a time where every influencer on YouTube was sponsored by a facial cleansing brush. It was an absolute frenzy with discount codes galore. It probably led the way to educate people on the importance of skincare before the topic really blew up and celebrities started making their own skincare lines. This brush is a great start to a successful skincare routine if you use it right. It uses powerful bristles to remove oil, makeup, and dead skin cells that your fingers can’t take away. Start by wetting your clean and disinfected brush head and then adding your cleanser to the bristles. Then, move the brush on your skin in gentle, circular motions, trying not to stay in one particular area for too long. Once you have deemed your skin clean, you can stop using the brush and wash the residue from your face and the brush head. It’s important to thoroughly clean the bristles and let them air dry between each use so you’re not transferring bacteria back onto your skin the next time you use it.

Not every facial brush is the same. There are some that run on batteries or need to be charged eventually. These brushes usually have more than one speed determining how fast the brush rotates on your skin. It gives your face a good massage as it deep cleans your pores. While these particular brushes were made in mind with how intense people could use them, it is still best to not use them for very long in one session or it can break capillaries in your skin and cause excessive sensitivity. I understand acne is annoying, but you shouldn’t rush it because that can lead to worse skin conditions. I don’t want to scare you into not using these tools, but it is important to know the risks involved. A facial brush is a great enhancement to the first product in your skincare routine: your cleanser. The brush lets the formula do its magic in the deep areas of your skin where acne-causing bacteria live.


Eastern culture is the big reason why we have devices such as mini paint rollers and stones carved in weird shapes as an option for skincare tools. In history, these objects actually predate acupuncture as a form of medicine so there are years of research showing its effectiveness. Like I said before, the most commonly used rollers are facial rollers that look like mini paint rollers and flat, curved stones called gua sha, which translates to “scraping.” There are rollers that can be used as-is, while others can be heated up or placed in a freezer to be warm or chilled, respectively, before being applied to your skin. Some rollers are made of metal but others can be made of crystals like jade or rose quartz. Both crystals have unique properties, suiting different skin types and thus giving a chance for each to be used by a wide range of people.

Even though this particular category of tools doesn’t look like much; these items go a long way in helping to tone, firm, and reduce puffiness of the skin. The simplicity of the facial rollers allows them to be such a great addition to your routine. You can use these tools dry or with products such as oils, creams, and serums for better product absorption as you move across your skin. Professionals say it’s always best to start at the center of your face and slowly work your way out to your forehead, ears, and neck. Once done, you will notice a lack of puffiness, wrinkle lines, and overall tension on your face. Regardless of how and where you use your facial massager, remember to wipe the device with some alcohol, killing any unwanted bacteria between uses.


I’m sure many people are familiar with shaving their armpits or legs but have you ever shaved your face? The thought, at first, can be scary. However, the benefits of shaving your face using a specific kind of razor designated to be used on your face can make all the difference. For people whose skin is too sensitive for chemical exfoliation, dermaplaning tools can be a physical exfoliation method that scrapes off dead skin cells and peach fuzz for better absorption of skincare products. By now, I hope you have picked up that all of these tools aid in maximizing the effectiveness of your skincare products. They help the product work to the best of its abilities, penetrating deeply into your skin. If you have any fears that shaving your peach fuzz might make the hair on your face grow back coarser and darker, know that given time it will grow back the same way with no drastic changes.

Each razor has different instructions. Generally, the razors can be held at a 45-degree angle on the face using short, brief strokes. Be mindful of any build-up on the sharp edge, wiping it away before putting the blade back on your face for an even shave across your whole face. Some razors are battery-charged while others aren’t, so you have options of how you want the final results to be. When thinking about your skin’s sensitivity, remember you can choose to use your razor every other day, weekly, or monthly. It’s best practice to wipe the tool with alcohol between uses just so your tools stay clean and sanitized.

What’s Right For You

There are so many interesting tools and gadgets nowadays, this list is just scratching the surface. I could go on about the new and amazing devices being made but at the end of the day, you should learn what’s right for you. And remember, too much of a good thing can harm you instead. Be mindful of these products. Overuse can lead to irritation and the possibility of your acne becoming worse, the complete opposite of what you want. Ultimately, the choice is up to you. If you find tools that enhance your skincare routine, it’s good to know they earned a place in your bathroom cabinet. If you want to stick with your hands, that’s fine too. The same things might not work for everyone. Let me know down below where your mind is at. Are you pro tools or pro hands?

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