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Throughout my preteen and adolescent years, writing was always my go-to routine of expression. It always brought out this quirkiness in me where I could articulate my thoughts creatively. I was always very shy, so I would write most of what I wanted to say. I also loved to sing, but singing was too socially exposing for me. Music is my life because it encouraged me for so many years to break out of my shell, but writing was always there for me; it aged with me. I am grateful to have gone to college and completed my degree in English and Journalism, which helped me further my craft. I found a way to allow both music and writing in my life. When I am not singing with the band, I'm writing articles or poems. That is what I enjoy doing. I have had the opportunity to freelance for different blogs and newspapers, and Soulita has now become one of them. I hope you enjoy what I bring to the table :)

Cynthia Munrayos

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