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Natural Exfoliant for the most common skin concerns.

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ethically sourced              plant derived               cruelty free               made with care 

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What's in season can make your skin glow.
Consider your skin quenched with our amazing Rose Water and Rose Oil, improving skin suppleness and vitality. Enriched with vitamins as such vitamin C, to go against lost firmness and reduce hyperpigmentation for healthier-looking skin. 
Shop our featured products.
Shop our featured products.
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Formulated to offer round-the-clock support to maintain balanced and suppleness skin.
When a fresh face feels good.
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Maintains the skin barrier with suppleness and vitality. Discovering balance, restoration, and hydration.
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Maintains the skin barrier with nourishment and restoration
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Formulated to exfoliate and enhance moisture for dry and dehydrated skin.
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Formulated to protect and nourish dry skin. Simply locks in moisture with intense replenishment.
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Need a reason to hit refresh on your beauty routine?

All Soulita Dry Masks contain dry ingredients that need to be activated by mixing it with a liquid giving you the sensation if preparing you own cosmetic mask. As a result, the powder is fresh and more concentrated.
First we Soulita, then we mask.

Curving the landscape of how we consider skincare and self care with the approach of involving various aspects of wellness.


Providing skincare products that act as a meditation to purify and restore yourself in remembering how good a little self care feels while finding happiness in the smallest of things.


Soulita packaging standards simply focuses on functionality and sustainability. 

"They have something for everyone's skin type while supporting the natural functioning and health of your skin."

"I love this body polish! smells amazing, perfect for the parts of your body that need a little extra love."

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