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Beard Oil

Beard Oil


The best way to start your own ritual into beard-hood is starting with our all-natural Beard Oil. Our simple formulation is light but absorbs quickly into the hair by moisturizing each strand without a greasy look. In routine, it will help avoid dandruff, prevent ingrown hairs, dry/itchy skin and will stimulate hair follicles for a thick, full hydrated mane. Customize your beard oil by choosing the cosmetic-grade natural scents to fit your lifestyle.



  • ROSEHIP SEED OIL: Protect + Hydrate the skin 

  • ARGAN OIL: Moisturizes + Softens the hair 

  • FENUGREEK OIL: can help Thickness + Growth of the hair


Ingredients: Jojoba Oil*, Argan Oil*, Castor Oil*, Rosehip Seed Oil*, Fenugreek Oil+, Bhringraj Oil+


*organic +100% natural

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    How to: Everyday apply a desired amount (based on the length of your beard) on damp hair after showering or cleansing your face or hair. Massage it in your beard in a downward motion to train the desired form.  For those who have long and thick beards, try to use a comb with the beard oil to spread the hair evenly. 

    Storage: Store the bottle in a dark, cool, dry area away from the sunlight. Bright light will damage the properties of essential oil. 1oz bottle can last 1-3 months depending on the length of your beard. 


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