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Bloom Where You're Planted Scholarship


Bloom Where You're Planted (BWYP) is a scholarship for students in Rhode Island.


Lexus R. S. Fernandez (Founder of Soulita's Soap) is big on taking advantages of opportunities in life. Experiencing and overcoming her own struggles of life, she is grateful for the challenges that made her the woman she is today and tomorrow. Therefore, she wants to encourage and award the youth who experienced plight yet demonstrates acts of perseverance while being an inspiration towards their own environment.

​- Senior currently enrolled in any Rhode Island High school 

- Expected to go to any College or Trade program Fall 2020

- GPA 2.7+

- Must write a 2-3 page true essay to fulfill the statement: 

"Recall a time where you were in a hardship and instead of being discouraged, you maintain positivity and overcame."


Important dates

Will be posted Fall 2020.


Will be posted Fall 2020.

Hilari M. M. Mendez

2020 Winner

High School: Mount Pleasant 

College: Rhode Island College

Major: Nursing Program




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