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5 Reasons Why We Love Rosewater

  1. It’s refreshing!

Are you looking for that fresh-out-the-shower feeling in your skincare routine? Rosewater hydrates and provides a healthy-looking glow, effortlessly. When applied with a spray bottle onto your skin after cleansing, your skin feels quenched and supple. It’s a great addition if your facial skin often feels dry, or perhaps tight even after showering.

2. Its scent can boost your mood

A 2011 study cited in a Healthline article found that rosewater actually can function as an anti-depressive and a reliever of anxiety. How cool is that? The study proved that the extract from rose petals calmed the central nervous system in mice. The calming of the central nervous system has some really cool benefits for depression and anxiety, making it a natural mood enhancer. This is one beautiful and powerful aroma.

3. It keeps your skin looking young

When used in a skincare routine, rosewater can provide a luxurious, natural glow! Applied topically, rosewater is found to have anti-aging properties. Rosewater is often found in products geared towards reducing the appearance of wrinkles for this reason.

4. It protects your skin!

Rosewater has antiseptic properties that are key in preventing infection. It is also rich in antioxidants, which protect your skin in another way; reducing damage to the skin cells. Rosewater is also antibacterial, making it a triple threat when it comes to protecting your skin! Do you need any more reasons to start using it?

5. It controls redness and irritation

Rosewater’s many soothing properties, especially those that are anti-inflammatory, help with irritation caused by skin ailments such as rosacea or eczema. Because it is anti-bacterial, like I mentioned earlier, it also makes it a great defense against acne which is a leading cause of redness and irritation.

How sweet is it that the essence of a beautiful flower in nature can provide all of this healing?

Which fact do you find most surprising?

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