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Soulita’s Body Polish: Transforming the Skin

Do you exfoliate? Exfoliation is the process of removing dead skin cells from the surface of the skin. You might know that you should occasionally exfoliate your face, but it’s also important for the rest of your body. An article by Healthline states: “Your skin naturally sheds dead skin cells to make room for new cells every 30 days or so. Sometimes, dead cells don’t shed completely. This can result in dry, flaky patches and clogged pores. Exfoliating can help prevent this.” Exfoliating is the perfect way to keep your skin smooth, even, and healthy!

Some exfoliates on the market can be harsh and utilize materials that are too abrasive for the skin. Soulita’s body polishes,Kinand Juno, polish away dead skin cells and impurities with exfoliates found in nature. A careful concoction of organic sugar and other natural ingredients comes together to unleash your perfect skin. body polish duo targets different areas of concern in addition to providing gentle exfoliation. Kin is used to target uneven skin tones, scarring, and hyperpigmentation. This body polish detoxifies the skin through exfoliation, and its ingredients don’t clog the pores. Juno works well to combat very dry skin or dehydrated skin, which can result from a buildup of dead skin cells.

An important aspect of both body polishes is vitamin E oil. Vitamin E has many health benefits. In these products, Vitamin E’s natural anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties are being put to work. I personally love to use both body polishes on different areas of my body. To keep redness and uneven texture at bay on my chest, upper arms, and thighs, I use Kin Body Polish. My arms and legs get very dry, especially in the cooler months, and when I use Juno Body Polish on these parts of my body, the hydration is unreal! Together, I hop out of the shower feeling smooth, hydrated, and renewed.

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